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One reported witness claimed to have seen sexy dancing and a 'mudman' and said: 'Two beautiful, lithe, otherworldly, females appeared, and were dancing facing each other, smiling and laughing. Some time later a being (what I can only describe as a 'mudman') appeared outside the large circle of dancers…

This was the issue that caused the original trouble, though: when you organize things at the level of an entire city (and its surrounding suburbs), you miss out on the nuance that breaks the heart of every single woman in New York City.Playing around with the age ranges for the Bay Area, I set it to 50-64 and found a map that just plain made me giggle.Jonathan Soma is a Brooklyn based data wrangler who teaches everything from Thai cooking to the Loch Ness monster at the Brooklyn Brainery and runs a data code narrative program at Columbia’s Journalism School.They arranged the four fairies - three with wings and one playing a piped instrument - in front of Frances, who put flowers in her hair, cupped her chin in her hand and, curiously, stared intently at the camera rather than the fairies when Elsie took the picture.Wright developed the exposed plate a darkroom he asked Elsie what they were, and she told him they were the fairies that she and Frances played with by the stream - they took another photo a month later.

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