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See below for some pictures of feeding tubes that can be used to greatly reduce the stress to both the feline patient and the human caregiver.

Please note that most cats don’t even notice them and they can eat and drink with them in if they choose to do so.

Most veterinarians prefer to use an esophagostomy (“E”) tube which goes in lower down the neck.

Either tube works well but E tubes are the most common feeding tube used.

Another type of feeding tube is called a PEG tube and is shown at the bottom of this page.

This type of tube takes more expertise to place and must stay in for a minimum of 2-3 weeks unlike P or E tubes which can be removed at any time.

We've fished them Texas-rigged on heavy line, cast on jigheads on light spinning tackle, pitched to bedding smallmouths and largemouths and fished out deep on ledges Because the tubes are thick walled and full of salt, they add quiet a bit of bulk and weight to your presentation and make casting them very easy, even on light 1/8 and 1/16 ounce jigheads and bullet sinkers.

We've found that the tubes are really durable and hold up to the abuse of numerous fish before having to switch to a new tube.

I often hear people say “oh, I would never put my cat through that!

” Unfortunately, these folks are not recognizing the tremendous value of feeding tubes to support ill patients while they heal from a illness or injury. The human is the one who is bothered by it as the cat just goes about its daily routine.

Anyone who has ever tried to syringe-feed an ill cat for very long recognizes the stress that is involved for both the cat and the human.

However it still accounts for thousands of bass being fooled every year from one coast to another.

Likewise Zoom has come up with some of the most necessary and productive shapes in bass fishing that have all stood the test of time.

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