Dating myspace online safety tip

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Change your settings so others can't ‘tag’ you or ‘check you’ in without your okay.

Don’t hashtag anything you don’t want to become public.

Don't post anything that may put you in danger, affect your reputation or be used against you or your family.

Be careful how much information is in the photos or videos you share.

Where activism is concerned, the ADF is no stranger to a history of stepping in to throw their support behind individuals like Phillips who use religious freedom as cause for discrimination and denial of service.

Originally founded in 1993 by Christian rightists James Dobson, Alan Sears, and D.

If you are being seriously threatened and you feel that your life, or your children’s lives, are at risk you should call Triple Zero (000). Keep evidence of the abuse such as a screen shot or photo with your phone.

Find out how to take a screen shot as the evidence may be useful later if you want to take legal action.

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Skype and Internet Calls Use the Internet to make calls safely.

But the offense this decision caused wasn’t just stirred up by Jack Phillips, the owner of “Masterpiece” Cakeshop, who denied a gay couple their wedding cake.

Enter the Alliance Defending Freedom, a far-right legal organization that has decided to intervene on Phillips’ behalf.

They’ve also been busy at work on attempting to obstruct the rights of transgender soldiers, too.

Working on legislation that sought to revoke payments for transgender soldiers’ healthcare related to medicine needed to sustain their transition, the bill was only narrowly rejected just before Trump’s own take on the matter.

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