Doesnt deserve dating

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If Aretha can sing a song about it for four decades, we can mention one more time that any guy worthy of your love will be unstinting with R-E-S-P-E-C-T. "When I wanted to switch careers, my girl said to go for it," says Will, 30.

And you shouldn't have to spell this one out for him. So here's a compilation of the thoughts and acts that will require minimal sacrifice on your part while bringing us untold pleasure. "Having her in my corner gave me the courage to try."2. Why should he have to tell you his friend is having an affair, or that his cousin lost his job and hasn't told his wife yet? The cure for "girly-man" syndrome is contact with other high-fiving men. The green light to actually have sex, should the opportunity arise, with someone on his Celebrity List of Five.

Making you wait by the phone is a power play—and as Dana, 36, puts it, "Somehow a text from my husband when he's on a business trip doesn't quite say Good night, sweetheart' like a phone call would."14 Encouragement when you stand up to the person you've never had the guts to before.

And a big hug if it doesn't work out quite the way you had hoped.15 Gifts he knows you'll adore, even if they're not 100 percent his style.16 A more-to-love attitude when you gain five pounds.17 Another chance.

If he does these things, you need to dump his ass ASAP: It’s always about him. Hate to burst your bubble, but he’s obviously disrespecting you. A fuckboy stays a fuckboy, no matter how old he gets!

You deserve someone who tries his best to show you he gives a damn about you.

No matter how hot he is, he will eventually become so freaking boring, trust me. You don’t need anyone who doesn’t want to spend time with you. If he uses lies to trick you and manipulate you, he is definitely not worth it. Yup, that’s how you can be sure his phone works perfectly. Girl, don’t you even dare to please his ass only in those moments when he’s in the mood for something. See also: Signs He’s Not Ready to Commit (But You Just Don’t Want to See It) It’s like you’re always walking on eggshells because you don’t want to hurt him, but he doesn’t give a damn if his words or actions hurt you.

The days-upon-days of whispering sweet nothings and building each other’s egos with more compliments than you ever thought you’d be able to give.Sylvie, 31, confesses: "I insisted one boyfriend change his online profile from single' to in a relationship.' An electronic betrayal can hurt as much as a real one."9 Proud PR.He revels in your achievements, doesn't feel diminished by them, and loves acting as your personal publicist.10 Use of his "inside voice" during arguments.If it's not integral to your relationship, don't feel threatened. This may mean a trip to the bar or an Ultimate Fighting Championship—but it's definitely without you, and that's OK. And by all means, hop on Brad Pitt if you ever get the chance.5. And you can save your "maybe next year" optimism; just give us time alone to weep.6. Sometimes all you really want to do is vent to us about something. " and we say, "Fine," instead of Give us a break: We're trying.8. We like to hear laughter—preferably following one of our silly jokes. A simple warning in advance and we promise we'll stay quiet and let you talk it out.7. We know, we know: Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld we are not, but anything you offer will be very much appreciated.9. Yes, we all request this, but that's because it really is good.

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