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Again, so that I don’t run into conflict, please respect my opinion as I respect yours. Okay, I think most of us can agree that we’re now reaching the heart and soul of this movie, which surprisingly doesn’t involve Hijikata or Chizuru.

you really have to read this or you won’t understand crap about the review below WARNING: The following below will contain spoilers. The real stars are Heisuke, Saito, and Souji, and all three of them deliver the most heart wrenching scene in this movie.

He basically says that Chizuru tried to tell him the same thing about Hijikata earlier when they were together, but you see this sense of enlightenment and softness on Souji’s face as he talks about her.

Ultimately, it is Chizuru who changes Souji for the better, and by just knowing my baby so well, I can tell that he acknowledges Chizuru’s impact on him (excuse me while I scream and fangirl about my beautiful babies).

This is my review, so it will contain my overall thoughts and opinions on the movie.

That said, I don’t expect everyone to agree with what I say.

Of course, the prepubescent twin gets mad, AND WE GET THE QUICKEST AND MOST EPIC FIGHT!!!

Halfway through it though, Souji starts coughing up a period, and Kaoru’s all like “What’s wrong bitch? At the same time, he manages to scratch Souji’s forehead.

The way Saito says Heisuke’s name one last time just shattered me.

The battle in Aizu is long and brutal, and the music certainly sets the melancholic tone of battle wonderfully.

Saito holds his own against a shit ton of fury soldiers, and he still isn’t a fury himself yet.

One being this…(sorry the picture’s blurry)There’s no way in hell that Souji’s wound was a coincidence in this movie.

It’s a reminder of his goal, and it demonstrates his perseverance whenever he’s fighting.

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