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Dr Bornstein told the New York Times that he, too, takes the drug, saying it helped him keep his shoulder-length locks.

Footballer Wayne Rooney reportedly took the medication to counter his receding hairline. Finasteride was originally developed to treat urinary problems in men, but during trials scientists found an unexpected side effect - hair growth.

The high-street chemist faced furor from Labour MPs who demanded it follow Tesco and Superdrug by halving the price of the contraceptive.

Boots said it wouldn't slash the price of the pill because it would encourage 'inappropriate use'.

A spokesperson for the supermarket, who will offer the drug at its 255 pharmacies, said: 'Hair loss is an extremely sensitive matter.'However our new service enables male shoppers to have a private consultation and purchase the tablets without taking time out to visit their GP.' Asda added all its pharmacies have private rooms available where customers can talk to the pharmacist confidentially.

Taken once a day, the drug is mainly sold under the brand name Propecia.Dies wiederum löst einen negativen Autoregulationsmechanismus aus, der das überexprimierte Androgenrezeptor-Signal stummschaltet (sog. Patienten mit dem PFS zeigten im f MRI eine erhöhte Aktivität des neuronalen Netzes für sexuelle Erregung und eine verminderte Aktivität der Gehirnregionen, die mit der Reaktion auf erotische Reize in Verbindung gebracht werden.Diese widersprüchlichen Befunde können auf eine neurologische Veränderung hindeuten.Among the reported side effects seen in taking the drug, which can often take months to work, is a loss of libido and small risk of erectile problems.The drug has come under increasing scrutiny in recent years by regulators in the United States and Canada because of a possible link to mental health issues.

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