Pros and cons of dating a pothead

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Unless your girlfriend or boyfriend loves to suck down oysters after a bowl of hash oil and then hit the sheets, you might have a problem.

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Please be aware that wasted time quickly turns into “wasted life”, which doesn’t sounds as benign. Maybe Nancy is your neighbor and mother of three whose kids you used to baby sit, maybe shes that gorgeous brunette you don’t have the courage to ask out. For most of the people that contact me, social situations are something to avoid, which takes us to our next brilliant reason to stop smoking weed… People like to romanticize joint smoking as a social lubricant. I have known enough people whose moods are dependent on the amount of pot they have smoked that day, or in the last hour, to know that this one is a big one.Sure, the odd time when my girlfriend and I would get high together, it was fun, but in general being stoned didn’t get my engines revving for romance.Most of my subscribers report the same problem, being stoned just doesn’t make you want to exert oneself in the bedroom.Chronic marijuana use does dramatically affect your normal mood and emotional behavior patterns. Drew has been telling you for years on the radio and on TV.Whatever your normal used to be, your new normal is highly regulated by whether you are high or not. Prolonged marijuana use can definitely lead to severe anxiety disorder.

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