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Editorial: Gerald Ford Should Have Listened to Tim Mc Graw Cenk Uygur 29 Dec 06 While a lot of us were on vacation, the Grim Reaper got to work. For audacious hypocrisy, it's hard to get a better value than Saddam. He was the only person to serve as vice-president and president without being elected (you don't say?! I am a bad man.) Here's the reason for my slight bitterness toward President Ford - apparently, he told Woodward that he thought Bush was making a "big mistake" by going into Iraq, but that Woodward shouldn't tell anybody until Ford died. If I were a bit more brazen, I might even say that it lacks courage. My God man, the Almighty didn't give you a life so you can sit on your rear end and wait to say things when you're dead. Besides which, who cares what people say when you're dead - you're already dead. Soon a man who knows a thing or two about death will join them, Saddam Hussein. For James Brown it was a horse drawn carriage pulling into The Apollo. The guy is still giving lectures about how we should "become an example of love, forgiveness and brotherly coexistence." Come on. The schmaltzy Tim Mc Graw song urges everyone to "live like you were dyin'." In Saddam's case, he really put that slogan to the test, but not in the way Mc Graw imagined. Some would argue that he was wise to not meddle in politics again and to guard his reputation. Here's the five things everyone says about Gerald Ford before they completely run out of things to say: 1. I can't wait to hear this fact again when Chevy Chase dies). Did you know he was a star football player in his youth (ooohh, now that's an exciting fact - you know you've led a dull life when they have to start talking about the varsity letters you got seventy years ago)? He pardoned Nixon (this is the only relevant thing he actually did). He moved Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld into significant positions of power in his administration (and this fact unfortunately outweighs his varsity letters, and combined with the Nixon pardon makes his life accomplishments a net negative - I know it's very wrong to speak ill of the dead, even if they've been dead for thirty years. Yes, it may break the tradition of ex-presidents not talking about the policies of current presidents. Soon they'll be busy talking about how many varsity letters you got when you were eighteen because you didn't really do anything while you were alive, except accidentally become president.I know that nothing was going to stop Cheney from going to war with Iraq.As Ford himself agreed, Cheney had the "fever." But it might have helped if reasonable people all stood up at the same time and voiced their objections.These jokes had real consequences; by contributing to a public perception of haplessness and indirection at the White House, they helped bring down conservative leaders who were once thought invulnerable.Humor writers everywhere were handed the gift of the year when Vice President Dick "Deadeye" Cheney shot Texas attorney Harry Whittington while quail hunting in Texas in February.Other politicians earned public ridicule when their jokes backfired.Just before Election Day, Senator John Kerry tried to tell a joke about how Bush's stupidity got the United States trapped in the Iraq War.

Though the remark sent titters through the supportive crowd, when the footage ran repeatedly on TV and You Tube, a wider audience saw arrogance and intolerance in the murky images. Evil and good and ancient inter-tribal power dynamics and international geopolitical consequences. Even though he'd only been POTUS for like two years, Gerry was so freakin' deluded about his own appeal, he insisted that any Reagan/Ford ticket would result in a "Co-Presidency." Fortunately for me, my daddy was perfectly happy to be the Dutch's unquestioning lapdog, fetching coffee and attending funerals for eight years so that some day, OUR family could become an omnipotent legacy that gets to commit even more felonies in office than Tricky Dicky and the Gipper combined!About the president's sinking approval rating, Colbert quipped, "We know that polls are just a collection of statistics that reflect what people are thinking in 'reality.' And reality has a well-known liberal bias." This routine failed to amuse the president, the first lady, and many members of the press (whom Colbert also mocked) -- not because it was witless but because it hit too close to home.By spinning off current events, Colbert's show joined the already crowded field of fake-news humor.Colbert's most controversial performance came on April 29, when he appeared as the host of the annual White House Correspondent's Dinner.Staying in character, he mocked Bush with excessive praise for his gut-based decision-making.

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