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But the Browns were loaded in 1999, 20 as well, and it didn't get them far.

In the second step of our analysis, we look at how much AV the drafted players actually produced in their first five years.

The 2010 class also beat expectations, and in these three seasons the Seahawks built the league’s best defense with Earl Thomas (14th overall), Bruce Irvin (15th), Bobby Wagner (47th), K. Wright (99th), Kam Chancellor (133rd), Richard Sherman (154th) and Malcolm Smith (242nd).

Plus Seattle added quarterback Russell Wilson in the third round of 2012, after lesser QBs like Ryan Tannehill, Brandon Weeden and Brock Osweiler were off the board.

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And indeed the Chargers’ second overall selection in 1998 is the worst pick by any team since 1996, producing just one AV against an expected AV of 42.5 overall) on running back Ricky Williams, who gained 59 AV in his first five years. 5 pick to gain 37 AV, so the Saints come out ahead.But the team famously traded the 12th, 71st, 107th, 144th, 179th and 218th picks (plus what became the 2nd and 64th picks in 2000) to move up to No. Taken together, those picks had an expected AV of 133, an insane value that Williams (or any other single player) couldn’t live up to.Every team is ranked below by their draft performance against expectations, using the percentage difference between the actual and expected AVs of their draftees. For one, we’re not accounting for what teams gave up to get their picks.The 1999 New Orleans Saints used their only selection (No.

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