Single parents dating effects children

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I mostly felt like I survived it without even a scratch; still I knew that psychology told me otherwise. On top of that, our mental/emotional health is often found to suffer for numerous reasons having to do with this change in family dynamic.Sobering statistics about the negative impact of divorce on children are not hard to come by. Lorelai didn’t divorce Rory’s father; they were never married, and she had Rory when she was a teenager, so my situation is a bit different.But rather than bemoan the show for its positive take, I really appreciated it.I guess I saw myself in Rory—someone who despite her postmodern family was pretty accomplished and well-adjusted.

She loves and respects men and taught me to do the same by championing the role men have played in her life and urging me to seek that out for myself.

I’m now beyond those hyper-vulnerable teenage years and no longer at risk of becoming many of those harsh statistics.

But as anyone whose parents split will tell you, divorce stays with you forever.

I have grandparents on both sides who modeled decades-long marriages.

I found male role models from playing tennis and from my mentors and professors in college.

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