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This is no isolated curiosity, affecting only the 45,000 or so British Haredi Jews.

To people of faith, it is a familiar tale of the Left launching a sustained attack on religion.

Unlike most primary schools, there's no brightly-coloured sign advertising its presence.

Indeed, a black-clad security guard in his sentry hut seems to be there mainly to keep unwanted visitors away. As one of a handful of Orthodox Jewish schools in Britain, it's a prime target for terror attacks.

Yet as far as Ofsted is concerned, Haredi schools face a simple choice: abandon a key religious principle or be closed down.

Part of this money was used to circulate books which taught children as young as seven to stop saying 'girl' and 'boy' so they did not offend transgender pupils.

Mr Tryl, a former president of the Oxford Union, is a seasoned lobbyist who says homophobic bullying is 'endemic' in schools.

Now those involved in Christian schools are linking arms with Orthodox Jews to challenge what they see as the Department for Education (Df E) pushing a secularist agenda.

As Gill Robins, of Christians In Education, puts it, the Df E has launched 'an all-out assault on faith values, sanctity of family and parental rights'.

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