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CADfix provides suppliers with a fully certified bi-directional translator between a wide range of native CAD systems and formats and JT.Multi-CAD interfaces, combined with advanced geometry diagnostics, repair and translation tools in a user friendly wizard interface, ensure that CADfix meets industry requirements for JT based interoperability between customers and suppliers.For example, the binary value 10000000 has an odd parity.Therefore, a 0 would be added to keep the parity odd and a 1 would be added to give the value an even parity.Therefore, parity checks are most reliable when using small packet sizes.This page gathers the technical information related to the EBA Data Point Model(s) (DPM) as well as the XBRL Taxonomies according to the Implementing Technical Standards (ITS) on Supervisory Reporting.

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The XBRL Taxonomies presents the data items, business concepts, relations and validation rules described by the DPM in the technical format of an XBRL taxonomy.

Still, it is unlikely that more than one bit will be incorrect in a small packet of data.

As long as only one bit is changed, an error will result.

Parity bits are often used in data transmission to ensure that data is not corrupted during the transfer process.

For example, every 7 bits of data may include a parity bit (for a total of 8 bits, or one byte).

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