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One of the big rules is that you must play at the server's pace.

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Tommy was playing well in Paris, but really looked like he tired out. He will be ranked ~ 59 by reaching the final, and would re-enter the top 50 with a won over Federer in the final. Nole pouts and whines about something as simple as the crowd cheering for his opponent. Fed got away with that perfect gentleman thing for a very long time.

The Argentinian has the typical BDF, I am sure only highly expert bottoms could accommodate that huge piece of man meat. I haven't seen him "pout" more than any other player in such a situation. I was being nice by calling it whining."With Federer serving for the match in the fifth set, Djokovic stopped play to go to the back wall and dance up and down, waving to encourage the crowd to cheer.

Nadal has a very pretty one, thick and perfectly long. Berdych (many years of Bel Ami DVD watching), a long, uncut, delicious piece of meat.... Murray seems like he is packing a big piece, probably Tsonga also.... Andy Roddick and Andy Murray are pretty horrible about it, and Nole does nothing at that level. Then, with Federer still standing ready to serve, Djokovic strolled slowly back to the far, back corner to towel off.""Djokovic did his usual stalling route throughout the match dribbling the ball over 14 times per serve -- and then slowing down more on pressure points.

It's all so (PR)orchestrated today ,they are just robots, boring as hell....

I just wish that gay male and female tennis players could just come out and be done with it.

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